Chat scrolling issues


When the list of messages loads, the app start ijn the first message and scroll automatically and “frenetically” to the bottom and most recent message. The desired behavior is that the list appears showing the last messages, without the “scrolling roller coaster” process.

Also, the reverse scroll function (that could be a solution to the described problem) deactivates itself systematically after being activated without apparent reason. This is a bug or I’m not considering something?


@Neker can you share a video of the issue you’re describing with the reverse scrolling not saving?

Hi @Ben, below you will find the video. Thanks for your attention.

Thanks, that was very helpful. We’ll dig into it

Hi @Ben,

Here you will find the automatic scrolling problem mentioned. The behavior is a little bit weird and compromise the usage of the chat feature.

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I have this issue too…

The reverse scroll setting not saving has been resolved. The issue wasn’t that it wasn’t saving, but that it wasn’t displaying if it was on or off correctly.

“scroll automatically and ‘frenetically’ to the bottom” has not been changed. This happens when the reverse scrolling is enabled.

Is there any update on this issue?
We are facing it too - although, for us the ‘Reverse Scrolling’ doesn’t get unchecked upon refreshing. Despite that, the reverse scrolling doesn’t seem to have any effect and the scrolling from top to bottom happens.
Probably it has to be mentioned that for us - the bug doesn’t appear in Adalo’s chat template; Reverse Scrolling doesn’t work for a custom list.

Is there any workaround to the “frenetic scrolling” issue resolved above? It makes it almost impossible to build chat apps since it looks really bad having to wait for the screen to scroll through all the previous messages to get to the most recent message.