Rich Text Editor

Is there a way to add a rich text editor to my forms so that my customers can do some basic formatting like Headings , sub headings etc for long documents?
E.g. for writing reports

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Currently this is not available in Adalo right now.

I don’t see why DraftJS ( wouldn’t work in Adalo with a custom component. It has a react-native component implementation (react-native-draftjs-editor - npm).

Yeah @TKOTC you would need to hire a developer (or you) to develop that component for you.

Yes, it would require customization. I have created a proof of concept and published it on GitHub located here: GitHub - PragmaFlow/adalo-draftjs

And a quick YouTube video about how to use it: Adalo Rich Text Editor - YouTube

When I get more time I will make it pretty and package it for the marketplace. For now I hope this helps someone.


Thanks for the video and for trying this out. Even though it is crude, it did proofed that it works.

I am not a coder but did a search and think this might help:

Anybody know of a forum Adalo clone?
With rich text functionality, a forum system should be straightforward in Adalo, no?

I don’t think Adalo can be used as a forum builder. There are more specialised software to do that.

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