Risio - educational resource app

Hey everyone! My app just launched on the App Store + Google Play store that’s aimed at US students from 9th+ grade! I’ve used and implemented a ton of ideas from the Adalo community, and I’m excited to share it with you all! I started this app last month, so I have a few “bugs” to sort out still. If you have any recommendations/ideas for the app, I’d love to hear them!

Check it out: risio.app

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What a fantastic idea! I have to say, I’m constantly impressed by what people make on Adalo but it’s these kinds of projects that really spur me on!

Keep up the great work!

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Wow this is incredible! I work in higher ed and this is the exact stuff students tell me they wish they had access to when they were applying! Will def be spreading the word.

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Hi @aletorre
Great to see what do people build with Adalo.
I love localisation. “Password - Something strong” - cool!
Design is soo warm and funny!

Only one thing I’ve noticed on my Pixel 3a - welcome screen start button was below the screen so I was not expected that I need to scroll to find it.
Other looks great. You did huge job to make it!

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Thank you! Google play has yet to update the app so some features are missing from the Android version but hopefully not for long!

Very Nice. Looks great.

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