Roll Up Reports - How to Get List to Display Only 1 Row

Hello all!

I have a collection of Expenses (date, category, dollar amount), along with another collection connected to category called P & L Expense Category. My goal is to take all of the records that have the same P & L Expense Category, sum up the total dollar amount on those records and then display that as a dynamic line in a list/report. I got the sum number easily, but I’m getting repeat entries on the list of the same P & L Expense Category. I can’t figure out how to only have one entry per P & L Expense Category dynamically. I can figure this out if I hard code the category and then filter down the sum number to the P & L Expense Category. But! My goal is to avoid having to muck with the report anytime a user wants to modify the P & L Expense Categories.

Any help?



Quick follow up here… I’m trying to create a summary report. Access was good at these. Doesn’t look like there is anything simple and I’ve banged my head on the desk for a good 2 days now trying to write a filter that would only display one of each P & L Category. I’m thinking I need to push my data into an actual reporting engine. That’s where I’m at on this right now, would love to get some confirmation on my thought here from a pro. Thanks in Advance.

It looks like you need two lists.

Custome list Category, then nest the Expenses list within that of Category.

Access is a power house in comparison :frowning:

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