runMe: to find friends nearby

I have finally finished the application for creating your events, attracting participants and dating. There are many examples of application: it can be an together run, when you are too lazy to run alone, or you want to assemble a team for playing mini football, or maybe you are recruiting a group for a hike, or you just want to go for a walk today. Using the application, you can make new acquaintances with people who live nearby, but you have not met yet. You can choose your meet point with google maps, use chat, following other users and have notifications of their events and of course, use the calendar of events in which you want to participate
It is clear that there are no users there yet and now it is a matter of time. However, I ask you to test and give feedback.
Meet, make friends, communicate!
Thanks, best regards, Artem
And now runMe:


Now I want to understand if the “Request notification permission” is working? I have never seen this screen.
Those who will test this app, please write whether you had such a request on the screen, and if it is not difficult to take a screenshot.
I have them crammed all over the application, but as I said, I have never seen a pop-up screen of it.
Thanks for your help!

Good question about the notifications - I tried your app and there was no pop up permission request. However I don’t remember these appearing on my own apps too, but notifications still work on my apps.

I think normal practice is just to have one permission request on home screen, not on all the screens.

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Hi, Nathan!
Many thanks for the help!
I watched your videos when I made the application)

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The problem with request notification is still relevant.
I did everything according to the adalo manual, there, in principle, nothing complicated.
People who have good working request and trigger notifications. PLEASE share the secret.
Maybe some additional settings?
Without this functions, my application is completely unusable…

It is now available on the App Store: ‎runMe on the App Store