Save as PDF Button

I’m looking for a way to generate a pdf using the visible page of the app. I prefer this over pdfgeneratorapi b/c that does much more than I actually need. Here is the use case:

  1. User completes a survey on the app
  2. User lands on a completion page with a certificate designed on the page
  3. User click “PDF” button and saves image of screen onto their device, in pdf format

The workaround today is that a user can take a screenshot of their app page, save it as an image, then convert it to pdf outside the app. This is a lot of work for a user

Hi @sirlounge I’m building an invoicing app with something similar. Everything is working successfully with in my app where user generates PDf by clicking on the PDF button and it’s downloaded directly into the user’s phone.

Send DM, we can get this done in couple of hours.:blush:

That would be awesome!