Text input boxes not saving text + export text

I created a workbook app where there are a lot of text input boxes for users to write in and the text input boxes are not saving the text. It was working during the entire build, and it currently works for some users but not others.

When I type a response in the text boxes and leave the page, I can come back to the app with content still filled in the boxes. However, some users type in the text input, leave the app, and come back to empty text boxes.

Any pointers on how to fix this besides creating 80+ collections to save the data?
(Issue has been submitted to tech support, pending response.)

The follow-up question is, we want to export the content into a pdf when a user unsubscribes from the app. Is this possible? Can anyone provide pointers on this as well?

Thanks in advance for any help!


This is happening to me too!! UGH. Frustration.

It just started for me over the weekend. I was planning on reaching out here or to Adalo support Today.

I was building a new screen on Saturday that used functionality like you describe, and nothing would work. Specifically:

-Text input boxes don’t “refresh” correctly anymore when you leave the screen and come back. In some instances, they will show the correct input, but the input will not register until you select the input.

-No longer able to change input field for a different screen than the current one. This breaks all my Modals that reset or change inputs on forms (I use modals on custom input screens to announce validation problems, or to assist with inputs, think a “help” popup.

Once again, I found myself wondering if I was just Crazy/incompetent (happens a lot while building in Adalo). Well, I thought, this works, I’ve done it on other screens, I must just be doing something dumb wrong. Much to my dismay, though, when I looked back over the screens that had been built and working perfectly chefs kiss for weeks, they’re broken. It’s not working.

I was hoping that when I loaded up Adalo this morning, somehow magically this would be fixed and/or a non-issue. I would indeed continue to gaslight myself, wondering if I could have just been doing something wrong, or maybe like didn’t have enough coffee, or something, BUT, at least the app would be working.

This post makes me think that’s less likely to be the outcome now. One can hope though! If ut us still an issue, I’ll make a video of the behavior and post it here.

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