Saving but not reflecting changes in pws

After some changes in screen design, it doesn’t reflect in pwa, even after the browser refresh, i can see the changes in preview. please help, I’ve about 40 screens. complex collection

Hi Reyaas,

Sorry for the delay in getting to this. Are you still experiencing issues? Could you provide some more details on the problem if has continued.

I am having this issue to. Basically I make the changes in Adalo. if I click “Preview” i’m able to see them. However if I click share, or try to load the URL in another browser. I get a version of the app that is hours old, sometimes older.

I click reload, preview, share, over and over. I am not sure how to make changes live anymore.

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@Colin, @derekalanrowe clearly mentioned what’s happening.

Where can I see what is happening?

I cannot reproduce this. All my changes are being reflected immediately.

Can you please DM me a link to your apps that you are experiencing this issue.

There are many developers complaining this. it takes time to reflect in PWA, I’m using custom domain.

@Colin I’ve sent you a DM

it doesn’t reflect changes on pwa with custom domains… but if you hit the preview button on the builder it works fine.

My screens don’t transition on the preview builder and records don’t get updates or created (only applies to the one screen where APIs get called. )

i need help! i’m with the same issue ASAP

Thats what’s happening to me :frowning: I NEED HELP ASAP

Same issue. I have a custom domain for my web app, changes made it comes up maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour later. As for the previewer, the buttons do not perform actions.

Adding an actions for “create/update” are very slow, trying to click a drop down option takes 1 minute per click.

Hopefully this gets fixed

Mine was doing it also. I disabled my custom domain and it worked instantly. So obviously it is a glitch going on with custom domains at the moment.

I have escalated this issue to the team as a priority.

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This has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues with it please complete a support ticket at

It has not been resolved. It has been an issue for almost 3 weeks and nothing has been done with little response.

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