Saving Image generated by OpenAI

Hi, my app can generate image by calling OpenAI with API and prompts, OpenAI then returns the image URL. The app can also show the image by specifying “Image source” as URL.

However, since the URL is valid for 1 hour, so what I want to do is adding a button to let use save the image to database, if the image is what s/he want. However, I cannot find a way to save this image on screen. Is there an easy way to achieve that ?

Thanks in advance.

Just Idea: I would try to create Xano end point, that would have one parameter: URL to upload and access to Adalo REST Api from Xano. So when you invoke Nano end point it uploads image and it create new records in Adalo DB and store file there, as the answer it can be ID of newly created record. But it still idea… there might be some obstacles.

Thanks for the suggestion ! As I am not using Xano (yet), will check it out.

Just found that to test Xano, I need to upgrade to Team / Business plan first … which is US$160 a month (for Team plan). Think I need another way to solve this problem :sweat_smile:

Ohh, ok. I’m still on old plans, so don’t that it will be so expensive.