Database Not Saving error

I tried to change a field name in the database and Adalo threw in an error saying the “database is not saving, Refresh” On refreshing all my records disappeared .

What could be the issue here?

Is it an internal server error?

I am facing the same issue. All records in my database collection have disappeared as well.
How do I raise a support ticket?

Same here… or at least a varient. I went to get a cup of coffee came back 15 minutes later and then all my data was gone.

Hey all, I am having the same issue. I have messaged the Adalo Team. Will update you shortly when i hear back.


Hello iAppsNi, That sounds great. In that case I will not spam them.

Yep same here - all data is missing !

Lets hope they keep us updated soon…

it’s a shame this page isn’t showing the outage and a status report…seems a bit pointless if all data is missing yet the status page says it’s all operational…

update: 10:13 (UK TIME)
You can now see a partial update and subscribe to the incident for updates

Also getting no collections data, and users cannot login and see records etc. Major outage, I am guessing.

Lots of status updates over the past 4 or 5 days. Either the status tracking system has become more granular or there is a current bout of instabilities.

yeah good spot! Looks like a few issues since the beginning of this year… I wonder if this is an update or migration… :thinking:

Interesting the two outages prior to this one started and resolved at the exact same time of night, one day after the other. Today is just an hour or so before the last two on their respective days.

Actually, nevermind, the link is just the same. odd.

my data is back ! :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool - very swiftly resolved… thanks Adalo

Same. Phew!

Thank you Adalo!

All good now

Getting Internal Server Error message when trying to save database

Did Adalo ever acknowledge this issue or respond ?