Scan QR codes to access web app

Let´s say that I have a restaurant web app where customers can order food. Is it possible to let the customers scan a QR code at the table to get the menu and order directly?
Note: There are multiple restaurants in the app, and the qr codes must link to the correct one.

Hello, yes it’s possible you can use the QR code scanner and generator components in the Marketplace.

Thank you!

Hmm. Can you please explain how I get the QR code to point to a specific page on the web app? And how it can contain information so that the different restaurants can display their own menu. I would like the qr code to point to one page, and based on the info in the qr code, the items displayed will be different from restaurant to restaurant

Use this then go on web app and go on page and get the url then use qrcode monkey for rest?

I am able to get the QR code to link to a page, but I dont want to create one page separate page for every restaurant´s menu. Instead I would like to create one page with a list (menu) that shows different items depending on the restaurant. For example add a customer ID to the collection, and sort the list to display only the results that´s linked to that restaurant.

Maybe scan a qr code that links to a list of restaurants ordered by proximity to location then when they click that restaurant it shows the respective menu

A good sugestion, but I need it to work without geolocation. It there are two restaurants nearby, it could be an issue.

why without geolocation, or alphabetically

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