Scenarios where "current data available" is incorrect. How to diagnose and fix!

The above Adalo video (from 8:18) nicely explains how current data can become unavailable.

However there are scenarios where data will become unavailable on a screen, BUT Adalo will STILL show the data as available.

Example below on how to diagnose. To fix you need to remove/change the offending link

Scenario - context

  • There is an ‘add to basket’ button on the basket screen.
  • This button’s action is to (1) create a basket record, and (2) link to the checkout screen
  • Pressing this button takes the basket data to the checkout screen
    – no data issues at this stage

Scenario - issue

  • Adding another button for ‘review basket’ to the basket screen
  • This button’s action is to (1) link to the checkout (conditional visibility for when user basket count≥1)
  • Pressing this button does NOT take the basket data to the checkout screen BUT Adalo shows the current basket data as still available on the checkout screen

In summary

  • Somtimes the current data shows as available on a screen, however the data may be unavailable (when/if certain actions execute - e.g. pressing a button without data)
  • If you have data flow issues AND current data on required page is showing as available, the above may be the cause
  • To fix, check all actions that link to that screen FROM screens that already LINK your required current data. Then remove/change the relevant link(s) to ensure data flows correctly

Hope this helps someone!