Current data available is incorrect

Hi again!

Thank you so much to everyone who answers my previous questions! My apps develpments is going well.

Here another question:
I had split/regroup infos from Clients in 5 main screens (see my screen capture). The Current Client is the same across all these screen.

Now I often got an Adalo message that the Current Client is not available. When I test the Apps, the Current Client is available and all is OK but during development, there is a problem: I cannot add field and select “Current Client > etc”.

I found this article: Scenarios where "current data available" is incorrect. How to diagnose and fix!. It’s written “To fix you need to remove/change the offending link”.

I did that. I removed all the offending links, added component, use magic text… and then I rewrite all the offending links.

My problem is: is there another way to fix that!!? It is really annoying and time consuming to remove every links and reset them after.


I found 1 workaround:

Create the component in a screen where the data is available, copy and drag it in the other screen.