Screen Sensitivity and other touchcreen issues

Hey, David here with BellyFire. We are preparing to launch on the App Store and Google Play. We’ve got 25+ contractors and 100+ end users signed up and ready to try. Everything is good to go, EXCEPT we keep having this frustrating issue with the app being almost overly sensitive to touch. You’ll be trying to scroll past a component and it will click the first place your finger touches without waiting for your finger to leave the surface of the screen. We’ve got a beautiful UI but this one issue makes it aggravating as heck to navigate. Along those same lines, we have several scrolling slider components on our homescreen, spread out by about a half an inch on a standard smartphone. The problem is you can’t tap anywhere on the screen to scroll now. to scroll you have to press only in the very small space between the slider components. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for the help

Hi David,

For the horizontal list component scrolling issues, read this:

I’m guessing that all the other issues are because you are running the app as a PWA. Once, you try it in TestFlight, Apple App Store, Google Playstore Beta & Google Play Store.

Good luck with your app! :slight_smile:

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