When scrolling, it will click the first place I touched

Hello all,

When I return to the previous screen and try to scroll, it will click the first place my finger touches, but I intend to just scroll the screen. That is not a good experience.

Are you facing this problem? What should I do?


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You face this issue for Android or iOS?

Hello, this problem only take place in the PWA version but it’s working perfectly on Android and IOS.

Thank you!

From my experience,
this is not the case on low-spec/mid-range versions of Android (non-flagship regular phones from four/five years ago)

PWA version on both iOS and Android, and on non-flagship regular Android phones made four/five years ago.

Hello, I’m not talking about the PWA on Android or IOS. I was talking about the android and IOS versions that will be published as apps to be installed on phones. So, the problem that you have mentioned above does not exist in these versions of your app.

Thank you!

Hi Ali. I only published the Android native app to Google Play so far. And it also happens on my Android phone(non-flagship just regular) made 4/5 years ago.

So you have a version less than android 10?

Yes, it’s android 9.0

Yes i think that this feature isn’t available on android versions less than 10.

Thank you!

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