Scroll position not preserved?

I also tested it out, it’s still jumping back up in my web app when I’m exiting from a modal screen (detail of item) back to a list screen (list of items)

Hello @Colin, wanted to bring this issue to your attention as it’s been bugging some of us for quite some time. Would be great if you could let us know of any updates :slight_smile:

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This is still currently in our backlog of bug fixes and will be worked on when possible.


I think, this issue not yet fixed for PWA, I’m experiencing the same issue

One of our clients mentioned this. It was tough to explain to him that we couldn’t ‘fix’ this issue (since we’d have to tell him that we’re using a 3rd party and can’t fix it, and that’ll look even more unprofessional on our end), so we had to use a different solution for our workflow, for which we originally bought Adalo for :frowning:

Did anyone find the solution to preserve position in list? it’s really annoying and clients are complaining. please help.

It is still not working for me too

It is still not working for me too !

still not working :slightly_frowning_face:
waiting for solution @Colin

same issue lol, still waiting for solution

Add your vote to this and you will be notified when this has been released.



for them who still got the problem, have you tried to change the value in advanced option → only load & display visible list items to “off” (like in the picture above) ?

For me it resolved the problem (it’s a list of more than 1k item and it work perfectly now)

@STWEB I had these options “off” by default. So still experiencing the bug

Adalo team, is there a resolutions to this issue yet? Or any sooner?

Actually I am launching my App in PWA mode for initial customer feedback, and it seems this is the most annoying issue I have encountered from User-Experience point of view.

Any work around will be much appreciated.

Note: I am not on Native App Yet.