Select option using images

Hi there.
My goal is to create a daily check-in mood tracker similar to this:

I’m able to create a form with a drop downlist to create a new entry but how can I let the user select from a list of images instead?

For example, select ‘Happy’ using a smiling icon and that gets passed either through a ‘create’ new entry or ‘update’ entry function.

Any advice or resource would be much appreciated!

Hi @greco1899,

You can build this with custom forms! Could you give me a example along with example data so I can share a video or a example app?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera .

Thanks for offering to help.

I managed to resolve it using ‘custom avatar’ using two sets of images (one ‘highlighted’ and one ‘normal’) and setting a True/False value in the collection, which toggled when clicked.

However it was slow to toggle or display between the images, and there was more logic required to restrict the user only to select one option.

Still thinking about other ways of implementation to make the user experience better with more animations as well.