Shuffle questions in a list

Can we shuffle questions from a database? If so, how to do?


As far as I’m aware not directly. ( If there’s a random sorting option that would be cool! ) But you could do something with getting random numbers and adding them.

Is it possible to give a example of how you are expecting this to be?

Thank you


If you search the forum using queries like “random records”, “random list”, etc. you may find quite a lot of threads, some of them might be useful for you. Similar questions have been asked a lot of times.

In general, there are several possible approaches:

  1. Assign each question a unique numeric ID (be sure it is sequential). Then use built-in RAND function, ranged from 1 to maximum ID you have, to select the question ID (store it in the logged-in user property or in an input). Display the question as a list, filtered by this ID.
    Such approach is simple, but it’ll be difficult to implement non-repeating random selection.

  2. Use Random Picker component from the Marketplace. It will select a random record from the collection for you; then you can add an action to go to the screen with the selected question. With some effort, you can create non-repeating random sequence.

  3. For displaying a list in a random fashion, there is a paid component List Randomizer from Complab.



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