Send Email notification to Community Chat participants

Dear Community,

I am building a community chat and trying to send email notifications to the conversation members (question members) over SendGrid as soon as a member send a message.

I am collecting the Conversation Members (Question Members) Emails as soon as they send a message in the chat. Now I like to inform the participants per email (SendGrid) that there is a new message in the chat as soon as someone is sending a message in the conversation.

But facing now the issue to select the recipient emails, I am not able to select. Please see the added screen shots. There is no field in “Questions Members” to select the collected emails - just the “count”.

How can I solve this issue? Thanks for help.

Best regards Edin.

Hi @Edin ,

If the question members is child collection, you need to do loop to cycle through the records and do action with the help of countdown component, so you do custom action there.

Hi @Yongki ,

thank you very much for your reply.

I am still at the beginning stage of Adalo logic and functions. So please bear with me.

How can I do the loop to cycle through the records (user emails)?
Is the countdown component not a time function?
Can you please clarify?

Maybe a bit more about what I am trying to build:

  • Someone post a question to the community.
  • People can answer over the chat the posted question in a chat
  • if someone wants to keep informed via email (SendGrid) as soon as someone else is writing in the chat, he/she can bookmark this question and get a email notification as soon as someone is sending a new message
  • parallel as soon as someone is messaging to the question, I collect the user in the database “questions” in “Question Members” user emails. (see screenshot above)
  • parallel I build a custom action with SendGrid via the tutorial video what is provided by Adalo
  • Now I am facing the problem not be able to select all users emails which are stored in the “Question Members” to inform all via email if a new message was placed in the chat.
  • I am just able to select “count” not the “Question Members Email”

Thank you for any help! Best wishes, Edin.

This needs more understanding and experiments, I can help further later.

I am available for paid service as well if you are interested, just private message me if you need to.

Hi @Victor, do you have any approach on that? Thank you! Best wishes, Edin.

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