Send email notification of new message in chat


I can’t figure out how to send an email notification to a chat member how receives message, but not the sender.

I used Integormate to send emails. But as it is API request to send an email I can’t filter which member of chat to send the email.

So far I could only send to message sender, but I want send email to message received.

How to build this?

Hi @martins ,

Use conversation>members, email not equal to logged in user>email.

This doesn’t work, I can’t access the filter option when using API post

You need to use list before this screen, accessing data inside collection is through list, so whenever we use list and put button inside it and link to other screen.

In other screen we can access those linked data.

Thanks for answering, but can you please, clarify?

I have chat and the “send message” button is creating a new message and also it should trigger that email is sent to the person who receives message no?

How I can do this on a different screen?

Make list of that button, click on the 3 dots on the left panel and make list.

Use filter as mentioned above.

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