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Hello is there anybody know what email provider I could use free with an api so that I could send an invoice and every time a new user app pay with an in-app purchase-it could sign them up for the email and I could send an invoice to them every month.

Hey picolpierre1,

Sendgrid and mailjet are my go-to for email sending via API. Both have free versions. That’s the easy part. You can do this through a custom action or with Zapier.

For linking to the in-app purchase, you may have to set up pragmaflow’s component for deep-linking (PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit)

Tutorial:Better Deep Linking - YouTube

I see what you are saying but one thing is I am able to automatically send the invoice every month tho?

@Abracadalo for the win!

Send and schedule e-mails: E-Mail API | Abracadalo API Handbook

So with this I see I will be able to send the email but do I just paste a payment link or?

It will require you to do some configuring because I’m not quite sure how you have the payment process set up within your app.

BUT… Ideally, yes, you would send the email including a deep-link into the app’s specific screen that you want them to visit in order to collect the payment.

i planing to use a third party payment provider until adalo do something with the subcription

Hello just wanted to ask do you know how to automatically sign the user up for mailling list in adalo?

Yes. It’s possible but you’ll have to look at the API documentation for the specific email marketing platform that you use.

I can make a tutorial next time I set one up.

please do

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