Send mail custom action "invalid to parameter"

I created this action using my verify email custom action as a template which works perfectly. I made the changes as the apply to the reset password. Currently the custom action is requiring an email address in the “to” parameter. If put my email address then the action sends to that email address regardless of the fact that I have it set to use email input.
I am using Abracadalo template, The custom action setup will not let use magic text to choose “email”. If I do it generates an invalid “to” error. Not sure of what I am doing wrong but I am betting it is something simple

Hi @shonesto,

So you mean the to parameter is not dynamic? Did you created a input and added for that to parameter’s value in the custom action setup? Maybe some screenshots?

Thank you

Here is what I have and what happens


In the custom action editor (first screenshot), can to write in the input your email? Or you can try temp mail to generate temporary email in order to be able to test. Then tap on “Test” and if it is successful tap on “Save”.

I tried adding the email address before and now again and get a successful test. However when the action is executed from the screen button it sends to the email I entered and not the email input from email input field, Here is how I currently have it setup.
In this screenshot you see the email I entered in the “to” parameter. When I execute it sends to this email.

This how I have the action executing

Now in the to parameter’s value cut that email ( ) and then add the email input from magic text and in the email input add that email you have cut!

That worked perfectly. Thanks so much my friend

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