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I am going thought video tutorial for multistep password reset. I am trying to setup a custom action to do this. I am able to get to the point where I can enter the api url but then I get lost. I have everything setup in abracadalo with a successful test for smtp setup. Is there a step by step on this somewhere?

Hello @shonesto,

Can you please send us some screenshots from your setup, please?
Does the problem is only about sending the new password via email ?

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I am trying to setup the custom action to send password reset code. i following the tutorial in adalo but it does not match up. I found another video on tutorial from abracadalo but it does not match up the other tutorial where parameters are concerned. I was able to get a succesful test using the abracdalo tutorial but again it does not match up with the setup in the adalo video. I am lost . Here is a screenshot of my current setup
Link to abracadalo video Notification API Tutorial - YouTube
link to adalo tutorial Adalo tutorials: multistep customised password reset. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT UPDATES in description. - YouTube

I see that in the tutorial he is using sendblue. This might be the confusion. I just using abracadalo. so I need to set the parameters accordingly which I think I did, I am just not sure of what to do where it ask for email. I am using the template provided in Abracadalo for password reset.


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Hello @shonesto

In order send an email using Abracadalo APIs you will first need to set up your smtp in the Abracadalo setting screen.

Once you have done this you will need to set up the custom action in Adalo.

In order to generate an verification code you can either use the random api from Abracadalo or the random function in Adalo.

Once you will generate this code you will need to add it in the email. In order to do this you will need to add a parameter in the Abracadalo email template and add the parameter as an input in the custom action in order to be able to add the generated new password.

We are currently building 2 sign up template that would be totally free to clone. We are also working on a step by step tutorial.

Here is the link of the bet version of those 2 templates

I have completed most of what you state her. smtp and api connect is setup and tested Where I am have an issue is where to add the random parameter and how. I am using your email template for password reset. Where and how do I add the random field in the template. I do have this setup as an update using tmpassresetcode in adalo as per my screenshot. I am lost when creating the custom action. I have created a custom action per my screenshots. How do I connect the random code in action setup to work with your template I am lost. Am I doing this correctly?


Great! The only thing that you have to do in order to send the the user the same reset code is to add in the Reset Code inout of the parameter the code generated. In order to do this you will need to select the TMPassResetCode of the current or new user like in the images below.

I done as you showed in the screenshot but nothing happens when I execute button. Not sure of what I am missing.


Do you receive the email?

Add these actions to your button and try again! ( Click on your list > Components section > click the button component and add these three actions )

What actions?

I believe what @dilon_perera is saying is that since you have a list of buttons, you need to put the actions on the actual button, not on the list itself.

So remove these actions from here:

Then, add the actions you had on the list to the actual button component that’s within the list.

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Oh I see. I will give it that a shot

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No problemo. Just to add in here: Buttons require the actions on the buttons themselves or the buttons won’t work, even if the buttons are nested within a list or group that has actions on the entire list or group.

Well that worked. It actually sent the abracadalo template however it did not generate the code.

Somehow the variables are not matching up to adalo

Screenshots of the actions please.


I got the reset code to generate. I moved the update action above the custom action and bam it worked

The query param “to” should be set with magic text also.

This is the way I have it

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Cool, looks like you fixed it. In the previous screenshot, you had steve@ email set in that “To” field, which would force all emails to send to that specific email.