Send notification when the work shift is over and clear

Hi I need help, I’m trying to have the app sending a notification to user once their work shift is over, and also I want to clear that shif

You need to use a service on the back end to send the notifications, as Adalo doesn’t have background tasks.

You could use for example, to schedule the notification and then call the Adalo notifications API when the shift is over.

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ok , I’m going to check it out, thanks!

Which option should I pick

also do I need to Upgrade to a paid Adalo plan to be ab le to use MAKE?

You would need the professional plan yes.

There are alternatives to also that might be easier if you didn’t use before. Take a look at this video:
Adalo Tutorial: Send Cheap Scheduled or Delayed Notifications with Adastacks - YouTube

Thank you for your patience, I have never used it . I’m vey new to this

No worries, I think using the service in the video is good because it’s got a good explainer video for it.

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Adastacks doesnt work. Abracadalo doesnt answer properly and wont refund.
I tried setting up notifications with Zapier, something is going wrong.
I’m getting frustrated with this.
Can anyone recommend how to set up push notifications
This is what I need: Every user gets a push notifications every day at one specific time like morning 9 am (preferably user timezone).

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