How can i send my schedule notifications 1 hour earlier

Hi , I need help, i want to send users a reminder an hour before their SCHEDULE SHIFT STARTS

Do a numerical calc scheduled_starttime - (1/24)

1 day in advance is -1

Hi @elizabethteresa17,

Just in case - Adalo can not send scheduled notifications by itself.
You will need to use Zapier / Make / other service for that.


I already have it working, and I know from other video tutorials -1 is a day earlier but I’m stuck how to do 1 hour early

Ok thanks, where can I find more information about numerical calc in Adalo :pray: please

Ah ok, now I remember this thread.
Unfortunately I was not able to persuade you that if you close the app / all app instances, notifications won’t be sent. Adalo does not have any backend scheduler and all events are triggered by something which happens in the open app(s) on user(s) devices.

In Adalo date & time is stored in number of days since 1/1/1970. If you would like to add one day (24 hours) to a certain datetime in a certain property, you need to add 1. If you would like to deduct a day, you need to deduct 1.
So, if you would like to deduct one hour from a certain datetime , you need to deduct (1/24). If you need to add 2 hours, you need to add (2/24).

Thank you, like always Victor very clear, professional and helpful

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