Send order email

send order email

tell me how can I send an automatically generated email about the paid order to the user without using third-party services, only adalo

To send auto generated email you’ll have to use third party. Buttt mailersend is free up to 12,000 emails a month and their api is pretty easy to use with Adlai. You can set up the email In your mailersend account then use the api in Adlai to send to user

it’s better to implement the mailto URI scheme, it’s free, does anyone have a description of the script?

With regard to sending an order to the mail, you should see how to save the information because the mail will not send you the list, for example, the items in the order… unless you save each item within the order in different properties.

What I do, I send him an email saying you have a new order, with the order number, all the information if it is shipping or withdrawal, the total to pay, number of items in the order, but not the items that I bought… you must enter my orders and there you have everything detailed … it’s playing and looking for solutions!