Adalo + PDF Generator API + Gmail

Dear Adalo Team,

I need your assistance please… :pray:t2:

My use case:

a Customer creates and Order… (Order Collection in Adalo)
Order contains Order Items… (Order Items Collection in Adalo)

All I want to do is to Automate when the User “clicks” on "Place Order " button in my App that:

  1. a PDF gets generated with the PDF Generator API.
  2. An e-mail gets sent automatically that contains the above generated PDF as an attachment or in the body itself to display the Order Details with all of its Line Items accordingly…

I’ve tried with Zapier… no luck or support.
Now I’m trying with Intergromat/Make:

Please please, I’ve tried for hours, days, weeks to find tutorials and help but i can’t seem to get this working at all!

Will you be able to assist in any way or at least point me in the right direction??

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Hennie Smith (South Africa)

I can Help

Hi Grant,

So happy to hear you are able to help with my struggle, are you able to assist on this Forum with a Guide or Tutorial to help others like me, struggling with the same issue?

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Hennie Smith. :nerd_face:

Sorry, but what part can’t you get to work?

Use the API PDF Button to create the pdf and trigger a webhook to send the email. please ask question so I can make a better guild

Dear Grant,

Thank you for the reply… :pray:t2:

Can you please provide me with a guide from start to finish as to how to implement your solution?

Automation of the e-mail being send is the key meaning that as soon as the User clicks on the “Place Order” button in my App… the e-mail with the newly generated Pdf attachment should be send to a specific e-mail address.

Unless you telling me that my “Place Order” button should be replaced by the PDF Generator API button… I then connect all the actions over to the PDF Generator API button…???

But where and how does the Webhook come in to send the mail?.. sorry, I’ve never worked with Webhooks before… hence me asking you for a guide to implement your solution accordingly!

Thank you in advance!

Hennie Smith. :nerd_face:

Dear Afonso,

Thank you for the reply!

My struggle is getting the Order Items of my Order to display correctly.

In Integromat/Make or Zapier, to trigger the scenario/zap we monitor the Orders Collection(Adalo) for when a New Order is created… this then triggers the PDF Generator API and populates the Template with values from the current Order being placed… then sends an e-mail with the generated PDF as an attachment.

My problem is no matter what I try, I can’t seem to figure out where the Order Items fits into the hierarchy flow to then generate a complete PDF of the Order with all of it’s Order Items(Image, Description, Qty, Price) listed in the Order, line for line as they appear in my App.

Hope I explained my use case correctly!

Regards, Hennie Smith. :nerd_face:

check out this video from @theadaloguy
i think this will solve your problem.

Dear Afonso,

Thank you for the prompt reply, looking forward to your solution and how it could solve my very problem!

Thank you in advance! :pray:t2:

Regards, Hennie Smith. :nerd_face:

Hi Afonso,

Thank you for the Tutorial… I’ve worked with theAdaloGuy(Nathan) before and that Video originated from the request that I discussed with him… it solved the generating of the PDF whilst in the App with a click of a button…

My problem is the Automation of the PDF Document and sending it to a recipient of choice via a email attachment or in the email body itself…

Nowhere in this Tutorial does Nathan cover the use of Zapier or Integromat/Make to achieve the above automation process.

I applaud his Guide/Tutorial as I actively use it in my App as we speak, but someone has to physically click the “Generate PDF” button, then the PDF opens in a Browser window, from there only are you able to download or print the PDF… and only then are you able to share it via email or other platforms…

Like I said, I’m after what most of the Online Shops do when you order online, the minute you complete your Order, you receive and email with your complete Order attached in the email(PDF), sometimes they even include your Order Items in the Body of the email for immediate referral.

Please advise accordingly!

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

If i understand correctly the soluttion is simple, instead of you write in the button “generate PDF”, just put “continue”, in a post buy screen and the use the call back url generated (the one in the lower input in that video) and then send that to integromat with a webhook, and this way you can do everything else that you want.

My ideia is that you run this in the background, without the user sees it using the magic text

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