Sendgrid alternatives?

Anyone tried successfully any alternatives to SendGrid? I have it setup exactly like the tutorials, the test is successful, but when sending email I have crickets :D. Thank you.

Try Sendinblue. It has better limits and it seems to work better, at least for me.

Edited to include a tutorial: Send email with SendInBlue


Super cool, It worked like a charm :). Thanks a lot :). Curious to why with SendGrid didn’t work, but doesn’t matter anymore :D.

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I first used SendGrid 5 years ago before Twilio acquired them — huge nightmare in terms of UI, UX and just the performance of the platform.

5 years later and after a big acquisition… still a nightmare and I don’t even know why now :joy: but then again, this is anecdotal and I digress…

My best guess is that we might need a paid plan or an account that has some sending reputation.

SendinBlue just works and the limits on the free plan… dealbreaker. Documentation and backend are more userfriendly too.

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Definitely agree. Funny that I was using sendinblue in the past and also Elasticemail, just went to sendgrid because there was tutorial :D, kind in a hurry to launch my app :D. Thanks again for the tip.

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