SendGrid Connection


I have a page set-up to create a sendgrid email utilizing the sendgrid API.

I have my custom action set-up and when tested, it works, and I receive the email that I’m supposed to!

However, in the previewer when I test, I get a 400 error, and I really can’t figure out how to troubleshoot it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this error? I can’t see anything obvious in the network tab on the console.

Thanks for any help!


which sendgrid api are you using?

I actually got this working - not exactly sure how, but now it’s all good.

Only issues I have now are with the {{Weblink}} handlebar and the unsubscribe…

You’re using a template and {{weblink}} is your variable?

Yes for a “view in browser” link. Is this not the right way to do it?

Do you know if I have to pass the weblink href in the API?