Sendinblue: Your SMTP account is not yet activated

Hello, does anyone know why this appears in sendinblue? it does not allow me to create the custom action

Your SMTP account is not yet activated

Sendinblue offers an SMTP relay service ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) on its forever free plan with a sending limit of 300 emails a day. Pricing for paid plans starts at $25 for 20,000 emails/month and unlimited subscribers (includes email campaigns and transactional emails).

Here how to get it activate
Send your request for the activation process
Create a ticket or contact sendinblue here to request the account activation.
Include a note with: the link to your website, the type of content you would like to send in your messages (marketing or transactional),

Here is a youtube link that can help you:Getting Started: Activating Your Account - YouTube


Thank you, from another account I had no problems, this is another client and it caused me that problem… I can see the video right now and send the ticket!

ok just tell me if you get approve and if you did can you mark that i give you the solution please

Hello, I already sent a ticket, they had to activate it, they asked me some questions and that’s it! is already active!

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