Sending information to another user

Hi, i am trying to send tour details to another user, where the second user can look up the information and accept or reject the 1st user.

I have created a selection of inputs to enter postcode, date, how many people and other info, some having drop downs (I cant use forms as it is too many fields that I have and the form doesn’t fit on the screen). The user then submits this info and the second user will receive it, can check the info and then accept or reject it.

I have just watched a tutorial on friend requests, so it is a similar concept to that, difference being I want the receiving user to see the info before accepting or rejecting.


you can easily use the form, if it doesn’t fit? make the screen taller. And you have to include that user you want to share with the information in the form. Now one that shared with user. maybe add a list of “tour” that he is included in, and add a details screen with a button to accept or reject

Sorry I didn’t understand that. Also with the form, you cannot customize it which makes it difficult more me.

How to i send info such as date, how many adults, children, what language etc

Hi @Shohidul ,

Adding what @njimmy10 explains,

I made a cloneable app for you to review.

compressed 2021-12-09 at 10.16.15 PM (1)

on the left (white) is the creator of the tour, on the right (black) is the viewer that is sent to.

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hi @Yongki
thank you for this but not quite what i’m wanting.

I’ll try explain once more, sorry.

so user goes to a list of available guides. they then select a guide and then fills in the details: date, number of adults, kids, the time they want the tour and so on, and then sends the request to the guide.

the guide then will receive this request and will review the information, and if he is happy to proceed, he can then accept to do the tour.

that is what i am trying to achieve


You can try case by case basis for your needs.

What I have showed is the ability what Adalo can do in certain specific micro features that you might need.

It does not attend to all your features.

So what is the first micro feature that you want to do now ?

Hi @Yongki

i think i managed to do what i wanted but now i am stuck on something else.

So before i wanted to send a request to one guide, but now i am wanting to send a request to all guides.

So how i did it with one guide is: i made a custom list which shows the guides and am able to select the guide and book them directly. the request will then go to the guide (like a friend request). Then on the guides page, the request will appear (again using a custom list) and they can accept or not.

Now i want to send a request to all guides available. how do i do this?
and then for that request to appear on the same custom list on the guides page?

sorry for being really difficult.

thanks in advance

I made modification to the cloneable app, you can check again.

No worry, I survive to this day and still contributing, there would be something constructive to gain.

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hi @Yongki

I previewed your demo but it doesn’t seem to work. so as the customer (a@a) i created a new tour and then when i signed in as c@c, the new tour wasn’t there?

Am i doing something wrong?

In my test, the tour is shown to tour guide.

White is a@a, black is c@c (tour guide).

Screen Recording 2021-12-11 at 3.22.19 AM (1)

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hi @Yongki

Yes sorry it does work. I didn’t press ‘show to guides’.

thanks so much.

now to integrate it into my project :exploding_head:

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hi @Yongki


Thanks so much!

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Great, glad to hear that. :grinning:

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HI @Yongki

I was hoping you can help with something else.

So i have 2 ways to send a request: one directly to the guide and one to all guides.

Right now where the guide sees the requests, i have made 2 custom lists, one with request linked to the ‘guide’, and the other custom list with a filter on ‘all requests’. Because there are 2 custom lists, the list when in preview mode does not appear in the order it was created.

I am trying to combine the 2 lists to appear on just one custom list. I want to do this to show the guide the 3 most recent requests on a dashboard sort of page.

Do you know how to achieve this if its possible to do so?


If that is the case, send to all requests will need to use method #1, which is the original method, but need to add each guide to the tour record.

Thanks. I was just thinking that is the way to do it before i saw your message, so at least i know my thinking was right.

I’m really getting the hang of Adalo :grin:

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hi @Yongki

Im sorry i thought i could do it but i cant. Its getting confusing now.

do you think you can update your demo so i could clone it?

I have updated, you can check again.

hi @Yongki

I dont really understand the latest demo.

Does the demo show how to add all ‘guides’ to a record?

please see picture attached.


You can use image at my app, if you use your app, it does not relate.

The way to debug the app is to do it in smaller app and do some experiments there, once you get suitable method then you apply to your real app.