Sending Twilio SMS through Custom Actions API

I manage to get the Authentication to work, but it keeps telling me that it needs a “To” number is required.

I know that Twilio’s default Content-Type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded, I have tried to change it to json but it does not work as well. Is there anything that I am doing wrong here?

Hi @Lingyan did you get this working or do you still require help?

Hi, I still need help in getting this to work.

Is there some documentation from Twilio on the accepted request on this endpoint?

@anon78309838 Their API docs is here: Sending Messages | Twilio

My guess is that Twilio does not recognise the number you used in the to field as a valid cellphone number.

It’s hard to tell, I can’t go through all the documentation myself. Have you contacted Twilio support about this?

Hey guys,

Whatever i tried it wont work !
there is something with the authentication with Twilio, it doesn’t work, it always says that the AuthSID is worng, i need a solution please


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@anon78309838 @Ben I’ve gone through this with a developer and the problem is that we cannot use Twilio because Twilio does not provide a POST json option and the only way to do this with Adalo is with a json body.
So it’s impossible to use custom actions with Twilio.

(workaround: I’ve paid a developer to create an API that works with Adalo and then sends it from there to Twilio) it’d be great if this can be fixed asap tho.


@KenanDada @axme for the Authentication header, I came across another app’s documentation, and it seems that it needs to be a single line, something like this:

Authorization: Basic {{ 'TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID:TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN' | base64_encode }}

You could use Basic header generators like this one.

Although I am having trouble getting the sending out to work.

Did it work or not?

I’m doing something wrong here? Because I’m getting this error

Here is my setting

The Header should be:

Basic {{your generated Basic header here}}

Generate the code with this link.

Anyway we won’t be able to send out with Twilio for now as they don’t support JSON.

I have used Zapier to manage this and it works well.
Triggered by a new record in adalo.

Hmm, so any other service which support SMS?

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