Sequence actions from the same button

I want to update update two fields after pressing a button.

The first is a simple +1
The second is a +1 when the first field reaches 10.
This needs to all happen from the same button, but it seems that the actions are not sequenced, rather the first field reaches 10, but the second field is not updating.

Hi Bernard @bnaude,

Please check an example I’ve created for you: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Hi Victor.
Thank you very much for the detailed response.
I tried doing exactly that. There was a link action to a new screen on the same button and I wonder if that didn’t affect the process somehow. I’ve since added a ‘loading screen’ between the first screen with the button and the destination screen. The new screen conditionally adds a +1 to value 2 if value 1 reaches 10. That seems to have resolved the problem.