All data from database gone

Is adalo’s servers down? All the data from my databases have disappeared, and when I try to create a new database entry, it displays ‘internal server error’.

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Its happened to me too, all my database attached to all my apps is gone

me tooo
any one has an answer

I also have the same issue. My database is gone

I am having the same issues. I paid my monthly subscription fee just to make sure our new users can sign up. Now all my datas are gone and new users can’t sign up either. What is going on now? This is not good for your reputation. How can we ever do business when we can’t trust you?

Hello Buddies,

Let’s keep this on a one topic so that we all can track that easily! : All data disappered

By the way this should be fixed now! : Service Interruption — September 18, 2022 - #2

Thank you