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Having an issue, I am trying to set two properties automatically on a form, the signup form. These are boolean values, I have it configured to set them to false. However nothing happens. See screenshots below

You cannot set additional properties on the Sign Up screen.
The user first needs to sign up that a records is created in the user collection.
Now you can update the additional properties.
Best way to do this is on a separate screen after sign up, where the user e.g. maintains the profile picture etc. You can set the properties here in automatic fields.
It usually does not work to add a second action on the sign up screen itself, because of timing problems with the network/database. (You would try to update a record which could be still in process)

Hi @ptb. Are you sure that it is not making those changes to record as requested? The default state for boolean properties in that records table is only to show a tick icon if the value is TRUE and to be blank if the value is FALSE. This screenshot tells me that it is working as intended. If you click on the record and view it in details I think you will find that these boolean fields are set to false.

@karimoo I have tested this multiple times and I have no experienced any problems with automatic fields in the signup process. Do you have any examples where this failed for you?

Colin you are spot on, I was misinterpreting the empty as no value, but I tested a conditional action based on false and it worked! Kudos and thank you Colin
So this lead me to the real issue. I want to link to another screen immediately based on a field value. See screenshot below. The use case here is that if someone’s subscription has expired, instead of staying on the home screen, it would automatically bounce them back to the activate subscription screen.THis does not work on the home screen. I have an action set for when the user visits the screen and “active subscription” is false. Any ideas?

I think you forgot to add the screenshot you were referencing in your post :slight_smile:

Indeed I did good sir. :grin: . Looks like this forum wont let me post now because I am a new user, but here is a link

@Colin I got around this finally, just by deleting that first action. If you notice there is a “request notification permission” action before. That action was tripping up the previewer. Thanks again Colin for the help

Glad you got it working! And good catch on that first action!

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