Setting INPUT value in another screen

Hello friends…

This time I need to copy a value from one screen to INPUT in another screen.

Screen 1)

User clicks the Icon besides the Comprador INPUT

This brings us to the Screen 2)

User clicks the Selected person name…

Now I need to copy the Selected Person name to the Screen 1 INPUT.

At this time, I still don´t have a New Record create in Screen One.

Is there a way ?

I tried using the Change Input Action, and although I can select an INPUT from another Screen, the value isn’t carried over. Even if I use a literal string as below “This is a Test”


Thank you,


Anyone ?

I kept trying even with a new test app… the behavior is the same… Although I can select an INPUT from another screen, the value is never carried over to.

Thank you very much

Adalo accepted this seems to be a bug.

Closing this