Manual Data Bind using 3 screens

Hello everyone…

I am now playing with a WebApp and I strugling with an odd situation.

While creating a new Person record, I have too many fields to be manually filled so I decided to split the content across 3 screens, as below

Screen 1 > Screen 2 > Screen 3 ( Create Person () )

It turns out, when setting up the Create Person operation, If I bind a component from my Screen1, the Create() doesnt recognize the value and the record is created with empty data.

I´ve checked all components from the Screen1 and the behavior is the same. If I call Create() from the 1st or 2nd Screens, it all works fine.

Is this is a limitation ?

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Hi @marcio,

Just checked and it seems like the values in the inputs on the screen 1 erased after going to the 3rd screen and we get only the values of the inputs in the 2nd screen and in the 3rd screen. I think the best here would be Submitting a support ticket!

For now you could create the record on the 1st screen and then update that record in the 2nd screen and the 3rd screen.

Maybe @Adalo_CXTeam can give some more info here and let us know if this is a limitation or a bug? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

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Thank you @dilon_perera, I will to to consolidate in two screens only, even if user has o scroll down.

Thanks for testing this scenario as well.


@dilon_perera You’re right! The best practice here would be to ‘create’ the user once and ‘update’ in all subsequent steps, which will serve the use case of steps in onboarding well.