Severe freezes when attempting to select auto fill relationship fields

I am experiencing a number of issues when trying to create new records.
The first issue is as follows.
I have a M2O relationship on between Company > Reports.
If I use the create action and select the company to indicate it should use the Current Company the IDE becomes un responsive and fails. I have attempted this on forms, stand alone buttons. Tried to trigger on the create action before entering a form or on a form. All of these appear to be failing.
I have tried it with context i.e. clicking through from a list that is a company as well as just triggering on a button. This is occurring with each new table I add.
Please assist.

I’ve had similar issues.

I haven’t gotten an answer from Adalo yet, but my solution has been to use Mozilla Firefox to set up these actions. It doesn’t crash. You can also change the timeout in Firefox so I just extended the time out by 10x which also stopped the annoying popups.

I still use Chrome for everything else.

So Update. The issue is directly related to the relationships I have on the table. I am creating a questionaire with multiple choice responses. Each response is linked to the same collection with a M2O relationship. This is so that the responses are available in a drop down on a form. My work around was to create 50 separate menu collections and link each one individually.

I should point out, that even though this is now working, if the bug occurs you basically cannot update / create records in related collections.

I’ve never seen any issues with a relationship like this. Can you create a video of it occuring?

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