Shadow in custom list

why in my xiomi i don’t see the shadow design in my custom list? any ideda…

Hi @moshe212, this unfortunately is a known issue with Android. We’re working on trying to figure out a solution :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this? Thanks.

Hello this happens also to my app. All of the shadow in my custom lists and button or rectangle not shown in Android. This makes my app so ugly. So different with the previewer. How to fix this?

It’s been months since this thread started.

Hello, is anybody know how to fix this?

This is a known limitation and we have it on our list to address and fix.

Hi can someone please share the exact steps to make a shadow in custom lists on Android? @ChristopheHK suggests the following but I don’t know how to make a “shadow rectangle”: “Insert the non-shadow rectangle within the shadow rectangle, so that the shadow should follow the length and height of the non shadow rectangle” (from this thread: How to Properly Make Shadow with Rectangle)