Shadows not visible in actual app

I have added shadows created a custom list with rectangle as the background. The rectangle has a shadow applied to it. However when I export the app in android the shadow is not visible.
What can be done to solve this ?

Hi @Nitish,

Flawless ( @Flawless ) also posted this question on the Community Leaders Slack Channel but he didn’t get a reply.

I think the best would be Submit a Support Ticket.

Thank you

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Hi @Nitish ! I think that’s a problem especially for android versions, we also experience that problem. You can also submit a support ticket as @dilon_perera said

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It’s not a problem,

So Adalo’s app are react-native based, meanwhile android doesn’t support shadows which comes from react-native. That’s it.

You’re incorrect my friend. This is a major problem.

As a UI expert, shadows are a huge part of branding.

This is a real bug and it’s been ignored for years.


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