Share a post to Third party apps

Hey Team!

Is there a way to share a post/feed/list created in adalo to other 3rd party apps ?

Similar to sharing a post from Instagram or YouTube it pops out a URL link , so any 3rd party user can view the complete post.

I tried to do the same but i cannot create an URL for a post/group/list , but only could be created for an image property.

Kindly help me on this ,Much thanks !

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Hi Franc,

Are you referring to social sharing from within your app? In other words… you want your shares from within your app to layout nicely when posted to social. Is that what you’re asking?

Similar to how we share a post from social media feed to other 3rd party users.

When we click on share to 3rd party in Instagram, it creates a url . so anyone who clicks it could preview the post in totality.

Upon clicking the share button , it should create and share a viewable URL for anyone to view.

Is this possible in adalo or via external integrations with Integromat ?

Not quite certain myself. I’ll be curious to see Adalo’s official response.

Hi @jimcanto @Franc,

This is currently not possible, but you can upvote the feature request here.

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Thank you, @James_App_Maker

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