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hi there,
I created a share button in my app and I can set the source easily. I use a field of my collection which stores an URL and it works just fine.
I need to specify a custom text before or after the shared link, eg:

Check this out on my app:

BUT I cannot add any custom text in the source box. I think this can be done using one more field in my collection to store the full string but this is an awful solution, anyone has a better alternative?
Thank you!!

Hi @Mario1 :wave:

Like this right?

I created a app and you can check.

Scan the Qr code from your phone or go from the link on your phone and check.

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera, this could be a good solution, I will hide both field because the text is fixed and the URL comes from a collecion.
Could you explain how you did it? Thank you!!!

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Your welcome :+1:

So I have added two inputs one for text and other one for the URL. Then when you click the button then the text and URL is updating in the Users collection Text and URL property. The full one. Like Adalo : ( Text and URL)

And the value of the share link action is this property. Text and URL property.

That’s what I done. For you then the text is fix and the URL is coming from a another collection then you can Update the logged in user that Text and URL property. Like Check this out : You can type the fixed text there and the current Item URL or that URL.

You can clone it and see.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Hi Dilon,
this is a nice workaround but implies to add a field to the Users collection just for this minor feature and I’d like to avoid it

It is a fully working solution though, so if I can’t find a better one I will go with this.
Thank you for your much appreciated help!!!

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Hi Mario.

I think you can use this one. Other than that I think there is no solution. Because for the share value we can put only one value. So that’s why I thought save it to a one field and put that one to the value.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

How about adding a text property on the collection that has the URL and save the text and URL and add the property to the Share action value. Current Item > Text and URL property

Thank you

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