Manual Help Please

Hi There, I am creating a savings app but i need manual help with the clicked lists displaying information on another screen. cant seem to figure that out. plz help am stuck! :worried: :confused: :disappointed_relieved: :pleading_face:

Claire, could you explain the problem better please? Happy to help if we know what the actual challenge you face is.

Hi Arun, the problem is that the simple lists i have added to my screens are not displaying the information i need them to display from the other screen. I think its better if i could show you what am doing.

It appears that your problem can be easily solved. Yes, it’ll be much easier to solve the problem if you could show what you’re doing.

But a starter for ten, the list should be based on a ‘collection’. On the other screen, whatever information you are capturing will be in a ‘collection’. The simple list on the your screen should simply be a list of the collection. That should solve your problem.

Hey Arun, yes my list is based on a collection, but it cannot be displayed on another screen even after I have linked them. If you are available for a video chat, I can set up a meeting and show you the exact issue. My email is

hey Arun, so the first screen shows two two buttons one for join and the other for create. The create page is a form which collects information. Then the join button displays a list of information collected from the create page. So as you can see the third page which says confirm details doesn’t display the selected details. That’s where I am having issues.

hi Claire,
I see no input fields in the third page. Do you have the inputs fields in place? If you do, then current club —> name etc should bring it all up.

I have a similar thing in my app. In my app, I have a list of users on one page and if I click on a username I get taken to a ‘view profile’ page where all details of that particular user are shown. I had to add input fields in the ‘view profile’ page to get the display of that particular user.

Hope to have helped.

hi Claire,

I have replied below. If it doesn’t work, then I’m happy to do a video call tomorrow (Sunday). Hope your problem is sorted.

Hey Arun, ithink it’s better we video chat. can i hv ur email address?

hi Claire,
Send me the video chat link here. Happy to chat any time today.
I am in London and I assume you are in SA. So we need to keep in mind the time difference while fixing up the time.

hey Arun, yes m in SA, that is the link. not sure if u are available. Google says its 08:17 am in London. If that’s true, then we are 1 hour ahead. It’s 09:19am here in Capetown.