Shopping cart help me

hello please I created an online sales application I would like to know how to create a shopping cart page when the customer places an order it is displayed in the shopping cart help me please showing me the steps to follow

Hi @Christophe200,

What you did currently? Screenshots or a video describing where you are now currently , the database , setup and what you need to do will help the community to help you! :smiley:

And also I suggest to look at these free templates : Clone Ordering to Jumpstart Your No Code App , Clone Ecommerce App to Jumpstart Your No Code App. They have the Cart feature!

And also a tutorial made by Adalo Team : Ordering & Payments with Adalo - YouTube

Thank you

I had the same issue when I was creating my application, but after figuring it out and going into production, I’ve started offering the app as a paid template, ping me if you’re interested.
P.S. It’s in Arabic but there’s an option in there to change the language.

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Hey @Christophe200 I just outlined this in another thread: Cart issues - i can't remove object from my cart - #3 by Flawless

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