Visibility setting based on true/false field

Hello. I’d like to add visibility setting to a label text in a screen based on value of boolean field of current collection.
I put some values on properties as you can see but it doesn’t work.
How do I control visibility of object based on boolean field?

As I look into past logs of the forum there seemed to be different setting of condition such as “is true”/“is false” for boolean type. But I cannot see them for now.

As far as I cna tell from your screen shot, that setting would only display that group of components if the value in that record’s “Publish status” was set to False.

I cannot see anything wrong with your setup there. In what way is it not working?

There are three possible states of a True/False component:

  • True
  • False
  • Empty (NULL)
    The initial value of a field is Empty (NULL).

Try to change it to Is NOT equal to TRUE.

Hi @Colin and @karimoo,

Thanks for the reply. To be more concrete, I would like to switch two icon images (closed/published) based on value of publish status field of current record.

Bellow is my setting but when I run it neither of the icons will be displayed.
(It works when I try “not equal to empty” but I cannot catch “true” case…)


I think the question is, how can you specify a Boolean value on a text field?

@Leo Based on the screen shot you put one rule on a Group
and the second on the icon itself
You have to put both rules on the icons, not on the group.
I suggest you first ungroup, then set the visibility rules, and regroup again.

HI @karimoo and @Colin,
Thanks for your comments on this. Now I solve this issue and I would like to close it.
It seems that this is due to the fact that the definition of Collection had redundant Fields with different type and the same name… After updating the Collection, I can see options “is True” and “is False”.
Thank you so much for supporting all of this!

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