“Current user” not showing in my data base!

Hi I’m working on an app, whereby I’m trying to add a following/ follow function. I’ve followed each of the steps described in the “How to allow users to follow others” * (@KD🐅bitte link hier einfügen) link. I keep getting stuck at step *2) Set the toggle and add the current user to users that the logged in user is following, whereby I’m required to place a toggle component on my preferred screen. The issue starts when I’m editing the toggle component and it asks to select Logged in User > Following > includes current user. My selection doesn’t allow me to chose current user, instead it only shows Logged in User.

How to Allow Users to Follow Others - Adalo Resources

Check if Current User is in the available data on your screen. If it isn’t available and you aren’t toggling from a list of users, then you can’t toggle that.

The other potential issue is the relationship setup. You need a many-to-many relationship as many users can follow many users.

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