Showing Single Record from the External Collection


I am trying to create an app connecting with external users authentication (beta version). I have external collections which is connected to my API. I am successfully getting the data in the external collections.

Now my app consists of dashboard and other screens in which i need to get a single record from the external collection.

How can i achieve this?? I am trying to search in documentation but i am not able to find it how can i do it.

For example there is a balance collection and i need to show on dashboard how much balance the logged in user have. I need to get the single record from the balance collection against the logged in user. When i try to show it it is giving me sum of balance from the balance collection.

i need to know how can i get the single record of the balance collection for the user ( i do have external user auth toked and external user id)

The forum seems to be dead as there is no response to my other question at all.

I hope i can get the answer here

can anyone help please???

You need to provide more information.

You are not explaining what you are seeing, what the problems actually are, or even how the database is set up.

Everything you’re saying is possible and easy but you just need to explain. Use screenshots and/or video recordings.

Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate you took a time to look at it.

Let me explain.

Database is set up on external server and i have connected it with Api’s and made the external collections.

Attached image is the payment methods table (external collection) connected with my database (External Server) In this collection the user (id_advertiser) payment methods are stored. One user can have many payment methods (You can say multiple Credit Cards). I can get the data for the logged in user in it by using the authentication token.

Attached image is the list of payment methods of the user (logged in) I can show all the payment methods which he has. Working perfectly fine. No issue.

This section here i want to show only the default payment method which user has selected. How this can be achieved? Thats my major concern is

i hope i have explained the problem now with screenshots

You need to read up on the documentation of the API you’re using to figure this out.

However, the parameter “is_default”, I imagine, is how you’d filter that.

Depending on the API, you have to find which parameters you can query. Use those query parameters to filter if you can. Note that not all APIs have query parameters so not all APIs work nicely with adalo without a workaround. This looks like it should be pretty easy though.

there should be a simple go to solution. Just to be clear i am the one who is writing the API on the server side so i have the control over there. I can send the query parameters when i am using the Adalo Component List. But when i want to show some thing on Adalo Component Text the collection will give me a count or sum or average one

So then, how do you have the “is_default” parameter set? How do you know that the user’s payment method is the default method? 0/1?

If so, just filter it with a query parameter there is equal to 1.

You can type an actual number instead of magic text in those fields.

yes the query parameters can be send via List Component Right?

This one is not a list

You’re not showing how that’s filtered. THis is what I meant by you’re not providing enough information.

How do you expect me to know how you’re filtering it if you’re not showing me how you can filter it or how you’re currently attempting to filter it?

Create a list from that and then filter it.

ok so what you are suggesting it even i have to show one record i have to create a list and then send query parameters to filter it out. Right?

Bingo. Just limit the results to 1 record with the parameters you need to display the default card.

there is no other way around?

You can have the list on the previous screen, that way the current data is loaded on the payment screen.

yes i already did that with my other screens. My major concern is i have dashboard as well. And in my dashboard i have to show multiple things like

Balance of the User

Number of Payment Methods

Default Payment Methods

Number of calls etc

so for all of that i have to create list of it and then filter it out using query parameter.

I was thinking may be i can use something else to get the required data from my server.

Yeah, pretty much. Unless you want to have a custom action like a countdown timer or a button, which I don’t think you’d want to do.

OR An alternative solution would be to use integromat. You would be able to create and sync an internal collection with your external collection data. You can use Integromat to “listen” for changes on the external collection to update the internal collection when changes are made.

This would speed up the loading of the lists you’re creating.


i hope you are doing good. I just want to confirm something from you. I have a payment page in which user will add how much he wants to charge. The request will be sent to the server and will be processed.

The server (external) will confirm whether the charge went through successful or not? I have tested it with dummy data and it is working on server. But i want to make sure that when the charge is successful like success status from the credit card company comes then i go back to original screen. How it can be done?

this is the form.

these are the actions. I want to show success or error message here and then link to original screen.

Please advise

What do the responses look like for successful charges and failed charges?