A Question. Can someone reply me?

In My Quiz App I created questions displaying from custom list and I want to change the answer’s position for every level in custom list. How do I do that?

Not quite sure what you mean but you could place a list of answers within the list of questions, then filter the list of answers to only be the ones for that question. You’ll need a one-to-many relationship between answers and questions though.

Hi @pford . I want to jumble the answers for every question. So how do I do that with custom list?

You will need a number ID for each answer and then a hidden input that displays a random number, then display only 4 answers that are greater or lesser than the random number. That’s the quickest way to do it off the top of my head.

I didn’t understand @pford . Can you explain again ? :neutral_face:

The only other way I can think to do this would be have a batch processing page that assigns a random number to each of your questions and then push the user back to the question page to sort by that random number.

So… I’d do this:

  • Add a new property to your collection of answers called something like “Sort Order”
  • Before the user starts the quiz, push them a new page
  • On that page, add a custom list and set the source of the list to your answers collection
  • Add a countdown timer on each card in the list
  • Add an action to the countdown timer so that when it gets to zero it updates the current record and sets a random number to the “Sort Order” field
  • When the list is empty you can then present a “Start your quiz” button that send the user onto question one
  • When you build your list of answers, sort the answers collection using the “Soft Order” field

This isn’t easy to do first time, however @Victor has done some nice videos on building these batch pages that you could review.


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