SighUp Form submit button link not working




@yuri I am guessing based on the screenshot, because I only speak English and German :wink:

Looks like you want to fill the user profile on the Sign Up Screen:
You have to separate it into two steps, because you only can update the User collection when you are logged in:

  1. SignUp with email and password -> Submit
    You can use all simple fields of the User collection here, but no relations, dropdown.
    Now the record is created in the User collection.
    User is now logged in.
  2. Update Logged in User Profile with all the details you want to collect.
    As the user is now logged in you can use all the dropdown menus etc. to fill the data for the related collections.

Oh! Sorry!

I said that …

After pressing the button on the registration form, it doesn’t jump to the linked screen.

I just get a white screen.

Can you tell from the image where this is happening?

Thank you for your help.

I tried what you said, but it does’t work well.

@yuri Based on the screenshots:

@yuri There was an issue last week where we faced this bug. It has been resolved and you should be clear within your app now. You may need to re-link the screens.

Thank you !

I wii check it.

I checked this .

It worked well, thunk you!

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