Sign up form crashes app

I’ve just run a new deployment of our latest build to native android and when I go to signup app immediately crashes after hitting the signup button on the built-in form. However the signup appears to work when reopening the app as the user is logged in and has details. Could we get a fix for this please?

Could you provide me with a link to your app so I can test this. You can DM it to me if you do not want it public.

Hey Colin,

Any update on this? I’ve provided you the link a few days back.

Cheers, Carl.

I’m facing the same issue. I came back to Adalo after a long gap but still I see Adalo is not stable yet.

I built new android version and I talked on my device. But after login it keeps on crashing.

My app id: 6b5823c4-bd31-4cda-a134-406baf82a5bf


I have been able to reproduce this bug now and I have forwarded this on to the team to fix. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline for when this may be resolved but usually it is between 1 to 4 weeks.

Thanks @Colin would appreciate an update for when this is fixed as it is stopping us from publishing our app to the store. Much appreciated!

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